If so what are police’s real jobs?


Where are you, Halima? (2)

THAT night Heri was not at home. The morning after therefore he reached Heri again and thanks God he finally found Heri. This migrant workers broker suggested Sholihin to go to the agency of PT Syafika Jaya Utama, instead of directly helping him, to meet Mamad, the man whom he said had arranged the departure of Halima to supposedly Malaysia.

However, Sholihin’s effort to ask about Halima at that agency’s office did not offer him any clue. Mamad did not appear himself. Sholihin could only meet a staff member of the agency. He then went back to Heri’s house.

And again Heri asked him to go to find Mamad. This time Heri suggested him to go to Heri’s house, while informing Sholihin the address. However, he failed to find Mamad. He met only Mamad’s wife who then only said: “Mamad goes to Jakarta.”

Sholihin thereby referred back to Heri, but the latter seemed to disappear. Sholihin only met Heri’s wife, who gave him the bank saving account. The woman said his husband had gone to see his second wife.

Sholihin kept trying to meet Heri. Sholihin tried six times to find Heri to pressurze him to get information about his sister Halima, but no result at all. When Sholihin met Heri for the last time accompanied by local village official and a student activist, Heri even mentioned something astonishing, saying that he had forgotten to have recruited Halima as migrant worker, kept her in his house and also arranged her departure. So easy an answer and no sense of responsibility at all.

This painful answer had pushed Sholihin to file formal report to local police about missing person. He was accompanied by local migrant workers union’s activists. All of his efforts have so far only resulted in nothing but grief and nuisance. The police officer he met rejected his report arrogantly. Police said his report was not followed up because there were not enough evidences for claim that Heri indeed had recruited Halima.

It is indeed bad experience that he and his family have to shoulder. He lost his sister. And his family lost their daughter.

In order that his report of missing sister be followed up properly, has he to find that evidence in advance? If so what are the police’s real jobs?**

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